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General Instructions

Hot Water Bottles are not Intended for Toddlers or Babies under 36 Months Old.

First inspect the Hot Water Bottle for damage: Punctures, Tears, UV Deterioration. Check for Expiration date? Natural Rubber can break down in less than a year. Add cold water if leaks are suspected?

Boil Water and let it cool to 60 Degrees Celsius (140 Degrees Fahrenheit) Approximately 15 minutes.

Carefully fill bottle to 75% full.

Burb the remaining air out of the Hot Water Bottle. Place Stopper on to seal Hot Water Bottle.

Put Hot Water Bottle into cover and it's ready for use. (Empty when cold).

Without Cover, do not place it against bare skin.

Do not sit on or add excessive weight or pressure to Hot Water Bottle.

  • In general, Hot Water Bottles should not be placed in the Freezer and they are not Microwaveable - There are some exceptions, however. These exceptions are listed in the Microwaveable and Electric Warmer Collection. User Instructions from the manufacturer are listed on respective product pages for each of the exceptions. 
  • Please pay close attention to specific User Instructions and Expiration Dates with each Product.
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